cause BEER loves FOOD


cause BEER loves FOOD ist eine Bierbar in Amsterdam in den Niederlanden.

Die Bar

Name cause BEER loves FOOD
Straße Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 4
Ort 1017 NL Amsterdam
Telefon +31 (0)20 223 7562
Email ---
Webseite www.causebeerlovesfood.nl

Die Biere

  • Brewdog – Hop Fiction (0,15 l für 3,00 €)
  • Brewdog – Pump Action Poet (0,15 l für 3,25 €)
  • Brewdog – Rye Hammer (0,15 l für 3,25 €)
  • Brewdog – Self Assembly Pope (0,33 l für 6,50 €)
  • Brewdog – Semi Skimmed Occultist (0,33 l für 8,50 €)


BrewDog ist eine Brauerei in Fraserburgh in Schottland. Gegründet wurde sie 2007 von James Watt und Martin Dickie.

Hop Fiction

Our American Pale Ale bursts with tropical and citrus hoppy aromas. Bright, fresh character explodes from this seasonal brew. (Zitat BrewDog)

Brauerei BrewDog
Typ American Pale Ale
Alkohol 5,2 % vol.

Pump Action Poet

Pump Action Poet is loaded with stonefruit and tropical flavour – aromas of juicy peach, apricot and nectarine, pineapple and mango - all piled on biscuity malt. Hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe and brewed with added wheat and oats, this super smooth IPA has a balanced bitterness and a full-bodied mellow malt base. The addition of peach and apricot enhances the flavours of stonefruit naturally present in some of our favourite US hops, and adds a subtle tart edge to offset the intense juicy fruit character. (Zitat BrewDog)

Brauerei BrewDog
Typ India Pale Ale
Alkohol 7,5 % vol.
Zutaten water, barley, wheat, oats, hops, peach, apricot, yeast

Rye Hammer

Jack Hammer has been single handedly ripping it up for quite some time. Now this IPA, has spawned four hammer head off-springs. Rye Hammer is the fourth of our super-charged hyped up hybrids.
A grapefruit harvest of citrus melts away to sticky roasted caramel and rye warmth, all resting on a malted biscuit backbone. Then ‘The Hammerhead’s trademark bitter finish reasserts its authority. (Zitat BrewDog)

Brauerei BrewDog
Typ India Pale Ale
Alkohol 7,2 % vol.
IBU 200+
Malz Extra Pale, Rye
Hopfen Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Columbus, Simcoe

Das Bier hat 93/91 ratebeer Punkte.

Self Assembly Pope

A porter of papal proportions, Self Assembly Pope combines a trinity of awesome special ingredients with a complex malt bill, in our latest small batch beer enrobed in exclusive artwork.
Myriad hedonistic aromas of cocoa powder, vanilla bean, coconut, and bitter chocolate, with hints of roasty black coffee and dark fruit, followed by a smooth, velvety mouthfeel and a rich, bittersweet finish. (Zitat BrewDog)

Brauerei BrewDog
Typ Stout
Alkohol 7,4 % vol.
IBU 50
Hopfen Galena
Zutaten water, barley, wheat, coconut, cacao, vanilla bean, hops, yeast

Das Bier hat 96/99 ratebeer Punkte.

Semi Skimmed Occultist

Our first small-batch canned release of 2017 is hot off the press and looks an absolute picture thanks to the amazing custom can artwork from the incredible guys at The Red Dress. We wanted to produce something of true decadence, so have packed into the recipe everything that we could think of to raise the body and make a smooth, truly redolent deep stout.
The four key additions exaggerate the mouthfeel and work with the blend of malts, oats and wheat to leave you with a beer that is best enjoyed on those dark, early-spring evenings when the weather is yet to break and the cold still seeps in around the door jambs. The result? In a word, opulence. The aromas start with cocoa and vanilla but it is the flavour that really holds the key to our latest small-batch release. Chocolate milkshake, roasty espresso and mellow vanilla blend into one in a smooth, full-bodied beer that is rich, deep and rewarding. (Zitat BrewDog)

Brauerei BrewDog
Typ Stout
Alkohol 8,0 % vol.
IBU 70
Zutaten water, barley, wheat, oats, lactose, cacao, coffee, vanilla, hops, yeast.

Das Bier hat 95/95 ratebeer Punkte.

Der Service war nett und freundlich, cause BEER loves FOOD bietet gute Biere in netter Atmosphäre. Für mich als BrewDog Sammler war das Angebot besonders interessant und ich konnte noch zwei Dosen ergattern.

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