De Bierkoning


De Bierkoning ist ein Ctaftbeerstore in Amsterdam in den Niederlanden.

Der Store

Name De Bierkoning
Straße Paleisstraat 125
Ort 1012 ZL Amsterdam
Telefon +31 (0)20 - 6252336
Email ---
Webseite www.bierkoning.nl

Die Biere

  • Cantillon - Rose de Gambrinus (0,75 l für 14,90 €)
  • Cantillon – Gueuze Bio (0,75 l für 11,05 €)

Cantillon Brewery

Die Cantillon Brewery ist eine Brauerei in Anderlecht in Belgien. Gegründet wurde sie 1900 von Paul Cantillon, angeboten werden spontanvergorene Biere.

Rose de Gambrinus

The raspberries are from Serbia and the fruit is blended with lambic that is on average 20 months old, the proportion being 300 g of fruit per litre of beer. Since raspberries are delicate it is necessary to select a lambic that is both mellow and subtle so that it will be a good match for the fruit. After soaking for two to three months, the lambic has extracted the full colours, fragrances and flavours of the raspberries. At that point it is blended with one-year-old lambic, which contributes the sugars necessary for secondary fermentation in the bottle.
We only use fresh fruit and, as is the case for wine, Cantillon beers can be referred to in terms of vintages. Prevailing weather conditions have a major impact on the ripeness and quality of the fruit, and this is why the taste of the brewery’s fruit-based beers will differ slightly from one year to the next. (Zitat Cantillon Brewery)

Brauerei Cantillon Brewery
Typ Framboise
Alkohol 5,5 % Vol.
IBU 25

Gueuze Bio

Lambics produced at Cantillon Brewery are referred to as “young” after one year of ageing and are considered as fully matured after three years. Young beers contain the natural sugars that are necessary for secondary fermentation in the bottle while beers that have matured for three years contribute their taste and refined flavours.
Gueuze is the ultimate result of a complex blend of lambics of different ages and with different tastes kept in oak barrels. The brewer’s main task involves tasting and he or she will have to try around a dozen lambics from different barrels, finally selecting five or six. It is by this method that gueuze 100% lambic, presenting the typical characteristics of Cantillon Brewery’s beers, is produced. Each blended batch yields a slightly different gueuze because the natural elements at the heart of the beer make it impossible to produce a standardised product.
Bottles are positioned horizontally in a cellar and left to rest for an average of one year, this being the time required for the conversion of the sugars into carbon dioxide (secondary fermentation in the bottle). Saturation of the liquid takes place slowly and naturally, and when the lambic turns into a foaming beer it is called gueuze. (Zitat Cantillon Brewery)

Brauerei Cantillon Brewery
Typ Geuze
Alkohol 5,5 % Vol.
IBU 30

De Bierkoning bietet eine große Auswahl an Bieren, einen Ausschank gibt es nicht.

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