The Madhouse Taproom


The Madhouse Taproom ist eine Craftbeer Bar in Mong Kok in Hongkong.

Die Bar

Name The Madhouse Taproom
Straße 16 Yim Po Fong Street
Ort Mong Kok, Hongkong
Telefon +852 2466 3166
Email info[at]themadhouse.com.hk
Webseite www.themadhouse.com.hk
Facebook The Madhouse Taproom

Die Biere

  • Two Tribes Brewing - Blitzed
  • Two Tribes Brewing - Cacao Paradise
  • Tempest Brewing - Dios Mio!

Der Tasting Tray mit 3 Bieren kostet 128 HK$, dazu kommen 10 % Service Charge.

Two Tribes Brewing

Two Tribes Brewing ist eine Brauerei in London in Großbritannien.

Two Tribes Brewing - Blitzed

The term ‘Breakfast’ to us means brewed with the quintessential breakfast grain, oats. They help create body and a special silky mouthfeel. Staying with the breakfast theme we’ve added loads of Passionfruit "Blitzed" into a pulp. Then combined with Citra and Idaho7 producing a pungent aroma of papaya, mango, orange and apricot. (Zitat Two Tribes Brewing)

Brauerei Two Tribes Brewing
Typ Sour Pale Ale
Alkohol 5,5 % Vol.
IBU 20
Hopfen Citra, Idaho7

Two Tribes Brewing - Cacao Paradise

This beer is inspired by the incredible depth and richness of the traditional Mole sauces of Mexico. We used Pasilla chillies known for their deep smoky, chocolatey and liqourice like flavour. Not big on the heat these chillies are all about flavour depth. We've balanced them over an aromatic spice mix of cinnamon quills, cassia bark and black cardamom. The malt bill is caramelly and has the added booster of real cacao nibs. This produces a beer that is soft and velvety with hints of cacao, liqourice, delicate smoke, sweet cinnamon and warming cardamom. (Zitat Two Tribes Brewing)

Brauerei Two Tribes Brewing / Wild Weather
Typ Porter
Alkohol 5,6 % Vol.
IBU 12

Tempest Brewing

Tempest Brewing Co. ist eine Brauerei in Tweedbank in Großbritannien.

Tempest Brewing - Dios Mio!

It must be getting close to Summer because our well-loved Jalapeño IPA is back!!
A delicious, juicy IPA infused with fresh jalapeño chillies, lime juice & zest. Packed with Citra for fruit forward base, and dry hopped with fresh oven roasted jalapeños for a nice warming heat that's balanced with a soft, juicy mouthfeel. Cold and refreshing, and hot and spicy all at once.
This is one of Team Tempest’s absolute favourite brews! (Zitat Tempest Brewing Co.)

Brauerei Tempest Brewing Co.
Typ Jalapeno IPA
Alkohol 6,0 % Vol.
Hopfen El Dorado
Malz Golden Promise, Barley, Wheat, Oats

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