Mikkeller Pop Up Bar Hamburg


Vom 10.03. bist 14.03.2020 fand in den Räumen von Beyond Beer die Mikkeller Pop Up Bar Hamburg statt.

Name Beyond Beer
Straße Weidenallee 55
Ort 20357 Hamburg
Telefon 040 - 44465424
Email store[at]beyondbeer.de
Webseite http://beyondbeer.de
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Die Biere

  • Heated Seats (0,2 l für 4,30 €)
  • K:rlek Höst/vinter (2019) (0,2 l für 4,30 €)
  • SpontanHexadrupelBlueberry (2017) (0,2 l für 9,00 €)
  • Hazesan Allihops (0,2 l für 4,30 €)
  • George! (0,2 l für 6,50 €)

Heated Seats

How do kisses taste like? Some would say that they are fresh, spontaneous, fruity, some soft, romantic, floral, sweet and bitter, others fun, bubblegum, ice cream, exotic, juicy.... And you? What do you say? (Zitat Mikkeller)

Brauerei Mikkeller
Typ New England Pale Ale
Alkohol 4,9 % vol.

K:rlek Höst/vinter (2019)

Pale ale brewed for the autumn and winter of 2019! Really tasty and juicy Pale Ale brewed with Maris Otter, Nelson, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops. Lot of lemon, pineapple and peaches with some grassy notes on the background. Enjoy it at the fireplace or surrounded by nature! (Zitat Mikkeller)

Brauerei Mikkeller
Typ New England Pale Ale
Alkohol 5,0 % vol.
IBU 40
Hopfen Maris Otter, Nelson, Galaxy, Mosaic

Spontan Hexadrupel Blueberry (2017)

Brauerei Mikkeller
Typ Frucht Lambik
Alkohol 10,3 % vol.

Hazesan Allihops

"A hazy straw coloured New England style pale ale giving tropical and citrus flavours resulting in sweet fruity notes and a refreshingly light finish." Ideal with some spicy or heavy meat, compensates the flavor and makes it more enjoyable and light. You are welcome! (Zitat Mikkeller)

Brauerei Mikkeller
Typ New England Pale Ale
Alkohol 5,1 % vol.


"Ever been punched in the face by a beer? Our pal George offers anyone willing to try, a thick and oily fist right to the nose. His balance skills are off the charts, but we went ahead and soaked him in bourbon barrels, just to shake things up even more. Good for as many rounds as you can muster up to." (Zitat Mikkeller)

Brauerei Mikkeller
Typ Imperial Stout
Alkohol 12 % vol.
IBU 60

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