Brewdog ist eine Craft Beer Bar in Nizza in Frankreich.

Die Bar

Name Brewdog
Straße 4 Avenue des Phocéens
Ort 06300 Nizza
Telefon +33 6 29 16 07 01
Email nicebar[at]brewdog.com
Webseite www.brewdog.com
Facebook Brewdog

Die Biere

  • Brewdog - Draft House Wheat (0,175 l für 2,90 €)

Brewdog - Draft House Wheat

In 1872 Georg Schneider pioneered the brewing of wheat beer in Bavaria, and 147 years later Schneider Weisse remains at the top of its game, now managed by Georg Schneider VI. They are the masters of this beer, without question. So when head brewer Hans-Peter came to Ellon to brew a 5.5% wheat beer with our Global Brewmaster Jason Pond, it was an incredible brewday. Lightly floral with classic clove and banana aromas, this beer is exactly how a wheat beer should be. (Zitat Brewdog)

Brauerei BrewDog / Schneider Weisse
Typ Weizenbier
Alkohol 5,6 % vol.

Nachtrag 24.07.2020

Die Biere

  • Brewdog - All Roads Lead North (0,175 l für 3,75 €)
  • Brewdog - Ten Ton Truck Vietnamese Coffee (0,175 l für 7,75 €)

Brewdog - All Roads Lead North

Tonka bean, coffee and vanilla milk stout. Drop the compass in the dust and hit the highway; the direction will take care of itself. Our friends at North Brewing Co headed to Ellon to create this deep, complex milk stout with aromas of warming spice from the Tonka beans, toasted oak and vanilla. Like all roadtrips, this one is also powered by coffee and it leaves a beer as dark and true as the blacktop stretching out ahead. (Zitat Brewdog)

Brauerei BrewDog / North Brewing Co
Typ Milk Stout
Alkohol 7,2 % vol.
IBU 25

Brewdog - Ten Ton Truck Vietnamese Coffee

Also arriving today, one of our most popular Fanzine releases has hit the fast lane. The big rig is back. We have added Demerara Sugar, Vanilla and Vietnamese Coffee to Ten Ton Truck, and the results are incredible. Rolling in at 10.2% ABV this supercharged Russian Imperial Stout yields a huge flavour of intense espresso, notes of sweet vanilla, bitter chocolate and a finish layered with woodsmoke, roasted malt and freshly-brewed coffee. If you have been lucky enough to flag down a previous version, this newly arriving Ten Ton Truck will take you forward like never before. (Zitat Brewdog)

Brauerei BrewDog
Typ Imperial Stout
Alkohol 10,2 % vol.
IBU 70

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