Craft Beer Bar


Die Craft Bier Bar ist, wie der Name schon sagt, eine Craft Bier Bar in Hamburg Altona.







Die Bar

Name Craft Bier Bar
Straße Max Brauer Allee 275
Ort 22769 Hamburg
Telefon 040 - 55775032
Email info[at]craftbierbar.de
Webseite www.craftbierbar.de/hamburg
Facebook Craft Bier Bar

Die Biere

  • Browar Funky Fluid - Classic With A Twist #4 Grodziskie W Stylu (0,25 l für 4,50 €)
  • Northern Monk - Hop City The Resurrection 2021 (0,25 l für 6,00 €)
  • The Kernel Brewery - Export Stout London 1890 (0,25 l für 5,50 €)

Browar Funky Fluid - Classic With A Twist #4 Grodziskie W Stylu

Brauerei Browar Funky Fluid / Browar Nepomucen
Typ Grätzer
Alkohol 2,7 % Vol.

Northern Monk - Hop City The Resurrection 2021

Beer festival’s return! We missed celebrating all things hops with everyone last year, and the collaboration and friendship that runs alongside. Although many of our international friends will not be able to attend this year with restrictions still in place, we wanted to highlight how international friendships have kept up despite the distance involved. We invited Zagovor and Other Half to represent the European and US contingents that make up the festival, and with the support and exciting new hop varieties of festival sponsor Yakima Chief, we put together this DDH IPA packed with tropical and orchard stone fruit aromas alongside twists of lime and lemon and an underlying layer of piney dankness from a hop bill including Cryo Pop™, Talus™ and the still experimental HBC 586 variety. (Zitat Northern Monk Brewing Co.)

Brauerei Northern Monk Brewing Co. / Other Half Brewing Company / Zagovor Brewery
Typ New England IPA
Alkohol 7,4 % Vol.
IBU 22
Hopfen Cryo Pop, Talus, HBC 586

Das Bier hat 96/93 ratebeer Punkte.

The Kernel Brewery - Export Stout London 1890

Our version of a 130 year old, Export Stout recipe from an old London brewery. We have not changed the recipe much. It's roasty, toasty, bitter, chocolatey, with notes of leather, tar, tobacco, deep plum and raisins. from the signature London brown malt. (Zitat The Kernel Brewery)

Brauerei The Kernel Brewery
Typ Stout
Alkohol 6,6 % Vol.

Das Bier hat 99/100 ratebeer Punkte.

Nachtrag 02.09.2021

  • CR/AK Brewery - Amber After Sauna (0,25 l für 4,50 €)
  • Frau Gruber - Eden Project (0,25 l für 5,50 €)

CR/AK Brewery - Amber After Sauna

Brauerei CR/AK Brewery
Typ Lagerbier
Alkohol 5,2 % Vol.
Hopfen Amarillo

Frau Gruber - Eden Project DDH Imperial IPA

Brauerei Frau Gruber
Typ DDH Imperial IPA
Alkohol 8,0 % Vol.
Hopfen Cascade, Citra Incognito, Citra BBC, Galaxy, Citra und El Dorado
Zutaten Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Weizenmalz, Hafermalz, Hopfen, Hefe

Nachtrag 06.10.2021

  • Magic Rock Brewing - Psychokinesis (0,25 l für 5,50 €)
  • Põhjala - Winter Bänger (0,1 l für 3,50 €)

Magic Rock Brewing - Psychokinesis

An expressive aroma featuring Pineapple, Mango, and Coconut is backed up with a punchy tropical flavour full of stone fruit and lime. The finish is slightly minty/spicy with a herbal bitterness. Unusual, intriguing, fruity and moreish. (Zitat Magic Rock Brewing)

Brauerei Magic Rock Brewing
Typ New England IPA
Alkohol 6,5 % Vol.
Hopfen Cascade T90, Cryo Hops Citra, HBC 438, Mosaic, Simcoe

Das Bier hat 96/98 ratebeer Punkte.

Põhjala - Winter Bänger

A banging Imperial Stout inspired by British Christmas cake. Brewed with Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, and aged on brandy-soaked raisins. (Zitat Pohjala)

Brauerei Pohjala
Typ Imperial Stout
Alkohol 12,5 % Vol.
IBU 40
Hopfen Columbus, Northern Brewer, Cinammon, Nutmeg, Orange zest, Raisins
Malz Pale malt, Munich malt, Carafa Special T-2, Dark chocolate malt, Chocolate rye, Golden naked oats, Special B, Crystal 300, Cookie malt, Flaked oats, Dark sugar

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